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The Situation Demands


RAPID RESPONSE PHYSICIANS was created to provide instant access to physicians when an emergent and urgent situation arises.  Whether its a response to a natural disaster such as a hurricane, terrorists attack, pandemic or any other situation whereby there is an immediate need for physicians, Rapid Response Physicians is ready to respond.  Our medical team is led by a team of Board Certified physicians and includes the use of mid-level providers such as Physician Assistants or Certified Nurse Practitioner's.  We are capable of deploying a combination of  telehealth and on-site treatment at a moments notice.

COVID-19 RESPONSE TEAM    Rapid Response Physicians is here to assist in COVID-19 pandemic.  We will contract directly with employers to provide telehealth services with the goal of keeping the workforce safe while continuing to function.  Our team works with employers to develop protocols consistent with the CDC guidelines for purpose of managing their employees appropriateness for returning to work.  We understand the financial impact an employer faces when employees are out, and it is our goal to assist in the effort of getting employees back to work safely.  The cash price for a new telemedicine consultation for Covid-19 in order to treat coronavirus is $300.  In accordance with the Cares Act, insurance companies and self-funded employers must cover 100% of the cost at no out of pocket expense for anyone who has a valid order from a licenses physician or healthcare professional qualified to prescribe the test.


We stand ready to contract with private industry such as manufactures, chemical plants & refineries, retail, municipalities and other healthcare organizations providing medical and/ or diagnostic services, such as assisted living facilities, and diagnostic centers.

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